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Virtual Assistance Services

By using a Virtual Assistant like The Admin Chick, you can grow your business, knowing that you have on your team a highly skilled, independent, educated and hard working individual who is responsible for all their own office space, training, taxes, superannuation and more that will help your business grow by:

* Decreasing the amount of hours you need to spend on menial tasks             

* Increase productivity within your own business and boost sales

* Have access to a trained and highly qualified professional who is keen to learn and has skill sets already in place

The Admin Chick has a unique edge over other small businesses in The East Kimberley. The fact that The Admin Chick is the only virtual business in the area means that there is huge potential for business owners who don't have access to business resources or office/admin staff are able to hire a trained professional that can perform these management and administrative tasks using her own office equipment, internet services and knowledge to assist remote and regional Western Australian businesses via current technologies such as internet or email.

The list is endless on how The Admin Chick can help you and your business and make it grow. All these tasks and more are incorporated into our Virtual Assistance Services, which can include any of the tasks below:


  • Documentation & Recruitment Forms and Templates
  • Assist with Windows or Mac Operating Systems
  • Organisation of Account Records, Financial Records, Human Resources Records
  • Assist with educational Programs and training workshop by providing materials
  • Resume Writing, Ghost Writing or Technical Writing
  • General typing & Other Correspondence Required
  • Data Entry, maintaining databases and spreadsheets
  • Office management & support

The Admin Chick can make your business stand out by providing awesome design work whether that be in the form of a website, printed brochures or advertisement for the paper.


We can take the time and showcase your business's good points and make your client engagement the most lucrative for prospective customers to consider and help you raise sales or exposure for your business or organisation. Services include:

  • Documentation Design & Desktop Publishing
  • Document Formats & File Conversion
  • Business Forms & Business Template Packages, including Financial Forms, and Business Template Tool-kits
  • Creation of Training & Educational Materials, Speaker Materials & Handouts, Presentations, Newsletters, Portfolios, Meeting Materials,  etc.
  • Development of Reports, Assignments, Booklets, Manuals & Guides, welcome packs, and other publications
  • Develop, Update or Create Basic Websites and Social Media Profiles
  • Create Business Directory Listings, Advertisements for printed material and other marketing tools such brochures
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