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The Admin Chick's Ultimate Virtual Assistant Collection!

Now you can be an "Admin Chick" too!


If you want to be your own boss, have more job satisfaction and spend more time with the family at home then why not become part of a rapidly growing industry and become an Admin Chick yourself?


The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Collection can be used easily from home with everything you need to get your own virtual business started. For some, working from home can be challenging, but don’t worry because we’ve developed a package that encompasses everything you need to know about being a Virtual Assistant, including over 5 years of content, information and resources.




To find out more about starting up your own admin chick business then check out this Once in a Lifetime Ultimate Toolkit here, where you will receive ALL the necessary information, support, materials and training you need to get yourself up and running as virtual business in just 30 days.

You get everything I've been working on for the last five years as part of my research, start up, business management and everything in between!


WHAT YOU GET: You pretty much get everything I've been working on over the last five years!! Take a look!


  • A Business Compendium with stationery for you to take notes, and keep all your documentation in one place.

  • An 8GB Flash Drive with all content you need for knowing all aspects of the virtual assistant industry in Australia.

  • The Bookkeeper's Best Friend, A dedicated Excel workbook where you can add, enter and save all financial details of your business,

  • All of the Admin Chick Toolkits including the Job seeker package, Business Manager Package, The Virtual Assistant Package and all the rest that have been created.

  • The Admin Chick Guide Book Series (all of them and others when they become available)

  • Legal Information, and Starting Point Resources - Insurances, Management Plans, Business Admin Manuals, Templates, Checklists, Guides etc.

  • Marketing - Resources to use for Advertising, Branding, Website Management, Media Release Templates, Stationery, etc.

  • People Management - Client Engagement, Competitio Analysis, Contacts & Networking, HR & Recruitment, Business Proposals, Templates, Guides and resources

  • Products & Services - Services Portfolio, Toolkits, Virtual Assistant Resources, Articles and more

  • Taxation & Financial Management - Accounting, Banking, Templates, record Keeping Guides, Annual Reports, Pricing Strategies, and more

  • Training & Professional Development - Virtual Assistant Resources, Professional Practice guides, KPI's and Skills management,



Please note: This is NOT a Franchise, or a business opportunity it is a product presented by The Admin Chick, where you will receive all materials needed to start your very own virtual business. There are no ongoing fees, limited ongoing support, and a total package where you can customise all aspects of the package if you wish.


To find out more,  CONTACT US



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