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Pricing and Quotes

Tender Submission, Management plans, Accreditation Project compliance, The Admin Chick can assist you in your end goal to succeed.

If you need to develop supporting documents such as safety, environmental, quality or risk management plans or policies, The Admin Chick can help by offering a range of supporting documentation, professionally written to assist you with winning your tender while improving your safety, environment, quality and risk management.

Any tender process calls for the submission of management plans, policies and other supporting documents with your bid. These documents are usually extensive documents ranging from 10 to 100 pages, so writing them yourself can be an arduous task, especially with a tender deadline to manage as well. The Admin Chick can assist you with preparing these if you do not already have them.

 The Admin Chick consistently achieves wins for her clients with the supporting documents she write. The most commonly required supporting documents include Safety Management Plans, Quality Management Plans, Risk Management Plans and Environmental Management Plans, and once these are written they can be used for multiple tenders.

Corporate policies such as Safety Policies, Quality Policies, Risk Management Policies and Environmental Policies are not as extensive as their respective management plans, but are often required to accompany your tender response, proposal or grant application. The Admin Chick assist clients with preparing these policies on a regular basis, making her ideally positioned to draft your policies for you in a way that conveys your company's values and your points of difference.

Whether you need management plans or policies to accompany your bid, or just for business in general, make an enquiry with The Admin Chick today and we'll point you in the right direction.

 Hard working, fast and quality results you can count on.

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