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The Admin Chick can help you get that much needed grant or tender application for your organisation. Even if you are not successful in your tender or grant application we have had clients extremely happy with the materials we provide, giving them the blue print to their own business that they need to be more successful.

When reading the documentation provided to them, some clients even stated that they had never seen their business portrayed in the light, giving them renewed vision in their business goals.

Services include:

  • Full grant application, proposal or tender submission preparation - from start to finish.

  • The Admin Chick is happy to work with you to complete the sections you need assistance with.

  • Support documentation. Many grant applications and tenders require support material including management plans, business capability statements, job position descriptions, key personnel, support letters, policies and procedures, and more...

  • Grant Acquittals / Reporting and Due Dilligence. The Admin Chick can help you with the reports required under the contractual terms of the funding arrangement.


The Admin Chick's experience in Grant Writing and Tender Submission includes:


You know the funding is out there, but just don't have enough time to pull together a winning application?


The Admin Chick can help make the process simple and quick so that applications are finished in plenty of time for submission.

Grant Writing
  • 70% success rate for grant submissions completed and accepted

  • Grant amounts ranging from $500 up $10,000

  • Non-profits included mainly annual shire grants for wildlife rescue and emergency relief

  • Grant funding assisted for staffing costs, advertising, event promotion, medical supplies, running costs, facilities as well as assets (e.g. vehicles).

  • 95% repeat business of successful and unsuccessful non profit clients

Tender Preparation & Submissions
  • 65% success rate for all tenders completed and submitted

  • Tender amounts ranging from $15,000 to $500,000,000

  • Industries included Transport, Agriculture, Fencing, Demolition, Building & Construction and Electrical Tenders.

  • 85% repeat business of successful and unsuccessful clients

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