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Renee is a wonderful asset to the SCA team and since commencing in June has proved herself to be an extremely professional and competent worker. Renee has maintains a very efficient office and her experience in administration is evident in her work. She displays a strong work ethic, is very capable of working unsupervised and uses initiative and creativity to make improvements around the workplace. I have found Renee to be a strong team player whose commitment is evident in the quality of her work and also in her willingness to support others.

Linda Downie -  Save the Children


"Renee Chapman (The Admin Chick) has been providing us with a unique administrative service, which is performed mostly onsite but also approximately 30% offsite or virtually. Renee performs a variety of tasks for us such as general administration, preparing minutes, organising our office space, assisting us with computer or internet related tasks, entering invoices, and creating marketing materials. She also assists us with submitting tenders and other financial opportunities that come up.
We believe that Renee is a hard worker and puts in long hours at The House Factory, her strong work ethics, reliability in and out of the hours we have agreed upon and her resourcefulness and helpfulness while she has been working with us. She has helped us become more efficient in the workplace and helped us focus on other key projects that we would not have been able to accomplish if we did not have someone like her working with us, Renee is a huge asset and her enthusiasm for the work she performs for us at The House Factory is inspiring"

Susan Osmotherly -  The House Factory

“Renee is such a dedicated and passionate business owner, She is a focused business owner who is always striving to better the businesses of others. She is such a joy to work with and she is a great communicator and networker. I highly recommend Renee for all sorts of things including joint ventures and virtual assistant services, if you want a really committed VA on your side you should definitely speak to Renee!”
Rosie Shilo - Virtually Yours Virtual Assistant


“Renee does such an awesome job with everything I have asked her help with. She takes my job requests seriously and turns them into something that is always above what I have asked from her. I highly recommend Renee for any tenders, resumes and other management jobs you may be struggling with because she does such a great job. I have used Renee's business services since January 2012 and she is always up for any job we ask of her. As a business owner, i will definitely be asking for her help in the future”
Darcy Meacham  - DMC AUST

"Renee has helped us out in so many different ways. She has helped us build a brand new website, organised our wildlife admissions database, membership list, contact list and donates some of her time to help us out so that we can be more organised. She has also made up some brilliant brochures, corporate portfolios and other documents so that we can distribute these to potential funding sources. She was instrumental in helping us secure our funding from Lotterywest and now we have a fully functional Wildlife Hospital available for our wildlife patients."
Dr. Sarah Brett - Kimberley Wildlife Rescue Inc.


"Renee was a valued employee in the KinWay Kununurra office where she efficiently and effectively undertook a range of administration and office coordination tasks. Renee expanded her repertoire of skills and knowledge over the years she worked in this position, and more responsibilities as a result. Renee showed great initiative and often took a lead role in organising community project work. Importantly she has a highly commendable ethic of care and respect for others and we all wish her the very best in her adventures."

Jennie Gray - Anglicare WA


"Renee showed ever increasing initiative in her role as The Office Manager and Family Support Officer at Kinway. She engaged in extra professional development in business studies and regularly implemented improved work practices, for example: she designed an environmental policy for our office, designed policies & procedures around this and 'gently' reminded us  to be more environmentally aware. Renee also planned and co-ordinated the Christmas Appeal in Kununurra which resulted in such a good working relationship with our local Anglican church parishioners that they continue to support us throughout the year with food items for Emergency Relief.
As well as her efficiency & initiative, Renee was always calm & always afforded her work colleagues & clients with respect and sensitivity. And of course like everything we value in life, we almost took it for granted, as I'm sure we did until Renee left us and we truly appreciated her valuable role in our office."
Helen Hemsley - Kinway Relationships Services

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