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Client 2 Website Example
The Admin Chick Mobile Version

The Admin Chick totally understands the need to get your business online as soon as possible, but to also maintain a professional look and not break the budget.

After designing numerous website for clientele, The Admin Chick has come up with the basic website package to suit most small businesses with the affordability but professional service in mind.

This pack gives you the marketing you need to get your business out there, up and running for a small investment.

What you get!

  • Domain name registry (.com or including certificate

  • Website Design customised to your business  & industry

  • Mobile Optimisation (if required)

  • E-commerce portal with unlimited plan via my preferred platform

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Search Profile on Google, Bing and Yahoo

  • Online store (if required)

  • Business Profile (5 page document for you to use for marketing purposes

  • ** Full control if you'd like to add or edit content yourself

A few Examples

Kununurra Maintenance Service Pty Ltd

DMC Feeds

Princess Pip Pet Boutique

Kimberley Wildlife Rescue

Today's VA Magazine

Brunswick Junction Caravan Park

Brunswick Gift Shoppe

Nelly's Place

Kimberley Live Artist Society

The House Factory

** Please bear in mind that if you decide to take full control of the web portal and design of it, this may not work in your favour. I have setup a few client websites where clients have taken control (which is fine, not a problem at all) however, some have made their website look different and functionality is not the same.

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