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Dip. Business, VA Certified, OHS Accredited

Renee Chapman is the owner of The Admin Chick, which specialises in virtual assistant support services and business support services for non-profit groups & small business owners in regional and rural areas in Western Australia. She is well known for her strong work ethic, hard work and her ability to learn tasks extremely quickly. Renee is seen as a reliable, trustworthy confidant to many of her peers and has a generous nature.

Renee has also volunteered her time to the local Wildlife Rescue Shelter in Kununurra. She is a life member of the RSPCA WA, advocates for social justice, human rights and has also battled with some major events in her life that have almost brought her to the brink of no return. Renee has come back fighting and she remains a strong willed woman, more determined than ever to succeed at whatever life throws her way.

Renee assists her clients from her own office and delivers work on a virtual/online basis. She has a strong drive and fulfillment in helping others succeed and is dedicated to educating others, empowering others and using her skills to help small business owners become more successful in their life by allowing them to offload tasks that they simply don't have time to do.

Renee is also the founder and Editor in Chief of the digital publication Today's VA Magazine, a magazine created for all virtual businesses and online businesses in Australia and created the first ever Emergency Relief Program in Kununurra, while working at the local counselling organisation to help disadvantaged families and individuals within the community. She is also the winner of the highly regarded Janet Jordan Achievement Award for 2012​ at the Online International Virtual Assistant Convention, held in the USA and won the East Kimberley Small Business Awards for the Home Based Business Category for 2012, as well as becoming a Finalist in 2013.

In 2014 she was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in the Regional Achievement and Community Awards Western Australia - Horizon Power's Leadership and Innovation Award.


For more about Renee and The Admin Chick check out The Admin Report for the latest news and updates!



East Kimberley Small Business Award 2012
Certified Virtual Assistant Business Owner AU
How to be the best virtual assistnt AU
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